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Year 1

Miss Anderson and Miss Weller are our Year 1 teachers.  Mrs Jolley and Mrs Robinson are our teaching assistants.  We love being creative and expressing ourselves.  Enjoy looking around our Year 1 page.

Our weekly challenge

Over the next two weeks year one are focusing on being able to correctly spell the days of the week. 

Latest immersion

In year one, we have been looking at how to build functional houses linking to houses in 1666. This is all building up to learning more about The Great fire of London. The children built three types of houses based on the three little pigs story and used a hairdryer to see which house would stay standing. The children had a go at building either a straw house, stick house or a brick house and filled out the table below discussing their success.

Stick house


Brick house


Straw house


Does it look like a house?


Does it look like a house?


Does it look like a house?


Did it fall?


Did it fall?


Did it fall?


How long did it take to fall?


How long did it take to fall?


How long did it take to fall?


Great fire of LOndon

Year 1 had great fun exploring the great fire of London through art on this term's Immersion day.  We looked at 17th Century buildings and designed printing blocks and created designs on our class whiteboard.


Immersion Day - January 2018


We looked at paintings by George Seurat.  He painted with dots but made amazing large images!  We chose our favourite paintings and wrote about them.  Then we had a go at recreating them.  If you have a comment about Immersion Day or one of the paintings tell Mr Maddams and he will add your opinions below!

I loved the paintings because they were made from dots. Frankie I liked the colours that were made by the dots. It was really clever. Ben I liked the lady and her umbrella they looked very pretty. Lilly-ANn I love the way the trees look like they are swaying and leaning. Daisy I like the brown trees because they look so real. Harry

Some fun homework ideas:

In our Maths lessons this week we have been working on telling the time in hours, days and months. Can you practice sequencing the months of the year by using this website? http://www.iboard.co.uk/activity/Months-of-the-Year-712

You could also discuss significant events such as Christmas, holidays and birthdays that happen in particular months too.

Why not revise the 4 UK countries with this interesting song?


We are learning about 2D shapes and this song helped us remember their names and properties:


Try singing 10 green bottles with your child using this game, they will love it (remember to shout angry chef when the bottle smashes): http://www.ictgames.com/bottleTakeAway/index.html

Why not revise the 7 continents with a fun rap?


Rememberance day 'Poppy Art'

Here are a few of our amazing 'Poppy Art' pieces combining charcoal and paint to produce some stunning work.  The children also thought about why this date is so special.


London Immersion day September 2017

During Immersion day Year 1 went on a London landmark treasure hunt then compared and discussed the landmarks they discovered. In the words of Skyla ‘A landmark is something that a place is famous for.’


We then explored these landmarks by painting, writing postcards and using our brand new interactive board.  Some of the children then used models and toys to recreate London and some of it’s landmarks.  At the end of the day I overheard Harry tell his older sister ‘Today was brilliant, we made London!’  All of the pupils made a great start to Year 1.  We can't wait to learn more about London, England and the rest of the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom and me curriculum newsletter

For more information about the children's learning this term, please read the attached newsletter. 

If you have any questions, please speak to your child's class teacher. Thank you 

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