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Year 2 Firs and Pines

In Science we have been learning about animals and their habiats, so we took to the outdoors in search of microhabitats in our outside area!  The children then created their own tally charts based on the animals that they found. We were very impressed when we found a 21cm long worm which proudly wriggled across the whole grass area! Using this information the children also used their computing skills to create a pictograph that represented their findings. We had a great time exploring the environment! 


World Peace Day

We celebrated World Peace Day by meditating with our visitor Mr Reynolds. He taught us about musical instruments from Tibet and explained how the local people reflect on their feelings. We enjoyed taking part in this and thinking about how we could send positive feelings to others. We looked at the peace flag from Tibet and used their ideas to create our own. We used the world peace prayer as a template for us to create our own, that was meaningful to each any every one of us in Year 2. We brought all of these creations together to make a year group display. Finally, we created our own symbol of peace by making a love heart with our bodies. We hope you enjoy! 

Y2 peace day(1)IMG_1259(1)

Safari Through Africa

We have kicked off the year learning about Africa. The children have found out where Africa is on a map and are able to name the seven continents. We zoomed in to different parts of Africa to learn about the tribes. We reviewed and created artwork based on the tribal patterns and even made our own masks! 


Africa Curriculum Newsletter

Please read the document attached below to find out more about your child's learning this term. If you have any further questions, please pop in to see Miss Price or Miss Farrer.  Thank you.

Anti Bullying week

In order to support Anti-Bullying week, we have set up a whole school competition.

We have asked the children to create a piece of work about anti-bullying. This could be a poster, leaflet, story, newspaper report, it's your choice and you can be as creative as you like. The competition closing date is Friday 24th November. Please pass your project onto your class teacher and they will enter it into the competition. There will be a prize for the work that is awarded first place and all work will be put on display around the school.

Festival on the Niger

Please see the document attached to find out about how we celebrated the end of our Sarafi through Africa unit. 

Victorian Britain

In Year 2, we have been exploring our new unit of Victorian Britain. We have found out all about what life was like for children in Victorian Britain and all of the nasty jobs and chores the children had to do. We found out about what schools were like and have explored various pictures and paintings of Victorian hospitals. On immersion day, we studied a photograph of a hospital in 1845 and explored how we would feel if we were a nurse or a patient in a hospital at that time. We also shared our opinions on whether we would prefer to be a doctor now or in the 1800s. The children experimented with the nursing equipment through role-play, they were very creative with injuries and how to fix them using bandages. The children listened to one another and responded appropriately to develop a dialogue to go alongside their role-play.

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