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  • When do year 6 have PE?

    PE is on Thursday afternoons and Friday morning. Please ensure children have their PE kit in school all week.

    PE kit should include: white t-shirt, blue jumper/jacket, blue or black shorts, blue or black sports trousers, trainers or plimsolls. 

  • When do year 6 have their spelling test?

    Spellings are tested on Monday. New spellings will also be given out on this day. 

  • How often should children be reading at home?

    The school's expectation is that children should be reading at home between 3-5 times a week. At year six level this can either be reading with an adult or independent reading. All reading out of school should be recorded in their reading records. Reading records are checked every week on Wednesday. 

Year 6

govilon day:1

We started our adventurous trip by having lunch, unpacking and sorting our sleeping spaces! To continue our fabulous ,first day, Nick (the centre manager) introduced himself and the crew. He also told us the rules and the plan for the day! Later on , we hopped in to the mini buses which took us to large field where we played many teamwork games including:Whales (a game involving water which became very wet!) When we had dried off in the glourious sunshine, wewent to the centre to get changed for dinner - which was a delicious 3 course meal - for starter we had a bowl of sucuculent soup; for main  we had salad,gammon and new potatoes and for desert we devoured our chocolatey heaven cake! To complete our evening,we went for a hike up a beautiful mountain named the Blorenge and what a better way to finish our day than to have a relaxing evening in our bedrooms with all of our friends.

by; Layla Hartgrove and Katie Ambler!


Day 2: Waterfall walking - we all had a fantastic time sliding down waterfalls and walking in the gorge. The sun was shining and we all challenged ourselves to jump into the pools with our eyes closed, backwards and being dangled over it!

We also walked through an old train tunnel that was abandoned long long ago. It was a real test of our senses as we had to do it in the pitch black. This meant we had to use our ears and hands - ears to listen to where each other were to find each other and hands to feel our way - all in water. 


immersion afternoon

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a whole two days of immersion this week. During their first immersion day, they were transformed into time travellers and were firstly given the task of designing their own TARDIS. Using these time machines the children were transported to the 1950s where they learnt to Jive.


On the Second immersion day, the children were asked to imagine what it would be like to meet the real Dr Who and go time travelling with him. After a fun filled morning of drama, they then wrote the beginning of their own story. Here is one of those stories by Stanley Matthews:

Doctor Who

Chapter 1 - Chased

Everything is swirling around me and we’re being chased by a strange creature with flailing tentacles and hundreds of eyes (the doctor said they’re called Narglaches). He is dragging me to what he calls his home - a navy blue, rusty, worn down police box that is sitting in the middle of the patterned town square. As the doctor rips his electrum plated sonic screwdriver from his cobalt coloured coat, I circle the decaying wooden structure wondering if this person is mad. Surely only an eccentric crackpot would think that you could live in such cramped space. He is finishing unlocking the door when a group of the gruesome creatures start crashing towards the door. Someone pulls me inside…

Chapter 2 - The Tardis

I stand in amazement as my blinded eyes take in my bright surroundings. It is bigger on the inside than the outside. My brain nearly explodes with all the questions. Is this maniac an alien? How is this possible? What kind of onions did that chef put on my burger? The walls are covered in a mismatch organization of squares, diamonds, triangles and circles. Each a brown, orange or black. The centerpiece of the amazing phenomenon is a large circular panel that surrounds a tube filled with strange liquid that bubbles. The Doc is saying that it was the blood of the police box. How could a police box have blood I start to wonder. “Come along now” the doctor is shouting as he starts pressing countless buttons, turning knobs and flicking levers.

unnamed (5)

International Peace Day

on September 21st our school celebrated World Peace Day. Year 6 had great fun debating the true meaning of peace and finished the day by creating images of what they believed reflected its meaning. Here are a few examples of our work:

Govilon day 3

We apologise for the lack of photos and updates on here, the children have been having so much fun that we haven't been getting in unitl very late. We are then coming in and going straight to bed (teachers included). and I'm sure you will appreciate when things are full on, we desperately need our sleep. Photos will follow in a power point once we are home and have better wifi signal and time. 

Today we went to the beach - it was extremely hot but we had lots of fun! We went on a cliff top walk, rock pooling and had fish and chips and ice-cream! 

We had two birthdays today too! Thank you to Keanan and his Mum for the delicious cake and to Miss Evans for bringing cakes for us to celebrate! We ate these for our supper before bedtime..

Yesterday was canoeing and orienteering. The challenge was on to see which group could get all the clues in the trail - Mrs. Reynolds didn't win!!!! Shocking we know! We learnt how to read a map and orientate it. Canoeing had us all doing 360 degree turns and standing up to paddle. We were spotted singing 'The Grand old Duke of York' and trying to do the actions and stay inside the canoe. We had a few that couldn't quite keep their balance and fell in! Mrs. Sturgess did (but we think that was because Miss Evans pushed her in - Miss Evans denies this). No-one saw this happen and so we have to give her the benefit of the doubt!!

We also went bowling last night and had 2 games with our friends - there were some interesting techniques spotted and some budding bowlers. Time is almost at an end and although we have had a great time, we are ready to see our families again. 

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