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Faith can move mountains!

We began our day welcoming each back after half term. Our teachers introduced our new topic of "Mountains".

Each term we have been adding to our prayer spaces in our class rooms, remembering our school values and remembering to be kind to each other.  We discussed what faith means and watched a cartoon of the story of David and Goliath. We learnt from this story that having faith in God and our own, strengths we can do anything. Image result for david and goliath

In our prayer space we have cards that we can take or give to others with words of kindness and support.  We have made our own so that we can be more personal with our support. Below are a few of those cards. You are always welcome to come and take one for yourself. smileyheart


Vincent Van Gogh and Mountains.

We are starting our term, looking at the work and techniques of Vincent Van Gogh and as an introduction, our year group looked at Van Gogh's paintings of the mountains in Saint Remy.  The colours that he used reflected what kind of mood he was in; bright colours meant cheerful and darker colours meant he was feeling sad. We have some images of his artwork stuck in our sketchbooks and we have added our own comments about how we feel about his work. 

Our teachers discussed the impressionist techniques that Van Gogh used and we all had a go at trying to paint in strokes and overlap our colours to mix them.


After we had practiced Van Gogh's techniques, we then tried to imitate a section of one of his own paintings. Image result for van gogh mountain

Here are some of our paintings. Can you tell which section we copied? What do you think?  Stop by on our showcase afternoon on Wednesday 6th Ferbuary at 3:20pm and take a look at our work.


St Marys Got Talent 01/03/19

Friday saw years 3 and 4 take a break from learning and they all took time to listen and praise.  Several acts from years 3 and 4 auditioned for the next round of the competition.  We saw acting, singing and dancing and all the talent was outstanding. Both year groups voted for the most talented acts and the winners will be announced in assembly next week.  Photos and films of the acts are to follow shortly. Watch this space!

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