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Year 3

Attendance Trophy

Last week saw both Twinberries and Sycamore win the 100% attendance trophy.  Every child in both classes attended school everyday for a whole week.  This is fantastic news for year 3 children  and their learning. Well done!


Rocks! Rocks! Rocks!

We have began our science studies this term, learning about rocks.  There are three types of rock and we have learnt what they are using chocolate!.  We created the circumstances for how these rocks are formed with 3 types of chocolate and it helped us to understand the differences between them.

Best of all we got to eat them all afterwards!


International Peace Day saw our children reflect on what peace means to us in our world today and we used these ideas to create acrostic poems on golden doves of peace. They can now been seen hanging above our reading tree of knowledge. Come and have a read.

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