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Year 5 AND 6

WWI Project

Why do we need to remember the events of World War One?

During our intriguing WWI project we will be focusing on how the war affected people in Burton Latimer.  We will be using a range of local history resources to describe how the war affected people, both in Britain and the wider world.   We are also looking at the artist Paul Nash and how he documented his experiences of War through his painting.

For more information on WWI and the affect it had on the British people look at these websites:



USeful homework links

A great maths link for number bonds, multiplication and square numbers:


A fun game to revise multiplcation and divison:



We started this term by creating a class timeline.  We discussed and ordered significant historical events such as the Iron Age, the ancient Greeks, the Anglo-Saxons and many more.

  • When do we HAve PE?

    Currently Year 5 and 6 have PE on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon. 

  • When are tables tested?

    Each child completes daily 'fast maths' tasks. 

  • When are Spellings tested?

    All children are tested on their spellings on a Friday. The new spellings for the week are given out on Monday.

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