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Year 5

LEarning to be codebreakers

Can you crack the code?

This term as part of our compouting work Year 5 became cryptographers. Using semaphore signals we sent messages to each other to crack a secret code.  To convert a message into sempahore you could use this link:


For more information on codbreaking look at the website:


USeful homework links

A great maths link for number bonds, multiplication and square numbers:


A fun game to revise multiplcation and divison:


Creative curriculum immersion day

This term the children in Year 5 have already started learning about South America. To start our unit we researched the countries that make up South America and more about its location on Earth in relation to the equator. We’ve also researched the different in the continent and what causes them. One boy in the class was so impressed with the new vocabulary he’s discovered he brought them into his science fiction story!

When we knew which countries were in South America the real fun began. We used the maps to help us create our own 3D salt dough maps. We were able to show the countries, the Amazon and the mountain range. Don’t Kim’s what the mountain range is called? Ask us, we do! Check out some pictures of our models at the bottom of our page. 

  • When do we year 5 have PE?

    Currently Year 5 have PE on a Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. 

  • When are year 5 tables tested?

    Year 5 times tables are tested on a Thursday.

  • When are Year 5 Spellings tested?

    All children are tested on their spellings on a Wednesday. The new spellings for the week are given out the same day.

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