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We have an Academy Governance Committee (AGC) that has some delegated responsibilities from the Trust Board of Directors as outlined in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation.  They engage with our local community.  They do not hold the academy to account but carry out the following role:


Vision and Values

  • Agree the vision and values for the academy with reference to the SIAMS Schedule, in partnership with the academy community, ensuring they are aligned with the Trust’s Vision and embracing equality.
  • Monitor that the vision and the values are being ‘lived out’ in all aspects of the life of the academy.


For details of Trust governance click here: https://www.pdet.org.uk/pdet_governance/ and https://www.pdet.org.uk/pdet_local_governing_boards/   

For the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation and for specific details of the AGC’s role click here: https://www.pdet.org.uk/pdet_key_documents/

For the Trust’s memorandum and articles of association, annual accounts, annual report and funding agreement click here:  https://www.pdet.org.uk/pdet_key_documents/

Our AGC consists of:

2 Church governors

2 Parent governors

2 Staff governors

1 Community governor

Roles and Responsibilities

Chair person

Mrs Swift

Vice Chair Person/ SEND governor

Mr Lovett

Church governor

Mrs Desroches

Safeguarding governor

Mrs Lorentzen

Pupil premium governor

Mrs Wells

Sports premium governor

Mr Currall

GDPR governor

Miss Sanders


Mrs Holt




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